Advice on buying a dog

small_Buying a dog.pngThinking of bringing a dog into your life?
Beware, fifty percent of sellers will provide you with a below average dog, checking out the seller is more important than checking out the dog.

If you want to buy a companion pet and not just any dog, from an above average seller, follow these three simple principles:

  • Don’t pay cash.
  • Check out the people you are buying from.
  • Get after care.

Don’t pay cash
Sellers who provide a below average service only deal in cash, avoid them, they are likely to be selling a dog bred for livestock and not for companionship. Dogs bred for livestock are four times as likely to have behavioural problems.

If you are buying a puppy, companion dogs are best bred from older parents, you want your new best friend to be part of your family for many years to come, you don’t want to find yourself in the position of euthanasing your best friend. So ask how old their parents are, ideally mum older than four and dad older than six, they have managed to get to that age getting over boundaries of behaviour and health so you stand a good chance of your new pup spending many happy years with you.

If you meet a seller, that has breed from a dog, who's mum is under eighteen months old and a dad less than two years old or they regularly sell dogs – you have met a livestock dealer and the odds are against your new pet being a good companion.

Check out the people you are buying from
You want to be buying from an honest seller, phone ahead, ask questions. Some suggestions are: how often do you have dogs for sale, how old are their parents, who is your vet, where do your buy dog food from, have you ever been to training classes, are you a member of any dog organisations.

If an adult: how long have you had the dog, where did you get it from, have you ever been to training classes (where), where do you buy your dog food, do you know any pet sitters, who is your vet, when did he last have inoculations, what’s she like on a lead, with people, with other dogs.

Get specific answers, take notes and ask again when you visit, honest people will give you the same answers.

Get after care
As with any purchase you buy, after care is important and none more so than when purchasing a companion. Can you return your purchase if you have any problems?

Make sure you but wisely – keep emotion in check and buy a companion not livestock.