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Every day we take into care dogs like Wobbly Bob. He arrived wet and cold, stressed from his ordeal of being lost and collected as a stray on the streets of Liverpool.
As soon as he arrived, he was dried, cleaned, given a warm drink, weighed then checked for injuries, ailments and inoculated to prevent him picking up disease. After settling into his new bed he was given some food.

Over the coming weeks he gained in confidence and once again began to trust human contact. After three weeks he was fit and well enough to place up for adoption. Then one Sunday his potential new owners arrived to see him. He jumped for joy and did everything to please them so that they would take him home. Look at him now!

What we do at the home is help every needy dog to have a healthy new start in a happy home, to hear more stories and learn about the work we do, please become a fiend.

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