How your business can help
There are a number of ways you and your employees can help us, whether that be setting up regular donations through payroll giving, organising staff fundraising events or placing one of our collection tins on your front desk. We are greatly appreciative of any help you can give us so do not hesitate to get in touch.

We have opportunities for you to sponsor events, projects and dogs. We are currently looking for commercial sponsors for our regular walk in the park events at Calderstone Park, taking twelve dogs to have fun with twelve volunteers. Here is Mazie enjoying a fresh Sunday morning.
walkinthepark.JPG insert pic

You will be kept informed and can see the progress of a project through to completion. We will give you as much publicity as we can, keep you informed and where applicable erect a plaque in your name. Dog sponsorship can range from funding food bills to paying for operations and may also cover areas such as upgrading housing or supporting outreach projects. This is an on-going and ever changing area and we will happily discuss specific cases with you if you contact us.

Staff Involvement
Fundraising activities in the workplace are a fantastic way of giving something back while having a bit of fun. Please nominate us in your workplace as your chosen charity and we will work closely with you to make your fundraising as easy as possible. You can even visit the centre and volunteer with our dogs for a day!


Spread the Word
This is a simple and free way that you can really help us and that is to let as many people as you can know about the good work that we do. You could do this by 

- Sending one of our leaflets to all your employees
- Placing some of our posters in your workplace
- Mentioning us on your website, newsletter, blog or Facebook page

- Tweeting about us
- Promoting/supporting our events
- Selling our promotional items

If you work for a manufacturer or retailer, you may occasionally get damaged stock or items you cannot sell. We may be able to raise funds by using these as raffle prizes for example so please do get in touch if this is applicable.

Our work is only possible thanks to the great kindness of those who give us donations or remember us in their wills. We are truly grateful to our supporters for their great generosity.

Through your bank by Standing Order
By visiting the centre
By paying into our Bank Account sort code 20 50 82 account number 23 79 74 14
By phoning us on 0151 487 3592