More than just a dogs home

Merseyside Dogs Home is only five years old and because of you we are making a big difference to dogs and people on Merseyside.

You have helped us save the life’s and bring back to full health 2,533 stray dogs, that’s one each day, every one of them an individual with health and emotional needs. Rehabilitating them, finding them forever homes.

Dogs like Sargent, our 2,000th dog to find a forever home, he arrived neglected with skin conditions that were causing him discomfort, itchy, scratching, not able to sleep for long periods.

But we are more than just a dogs Home, we also help and save people. Dogs are fantastic, having arrived, being damaged and neglected by people are very forgiving. Whilst they themselves are recovering from being lost and abandoned, they go out from our centre across Merseyside to help people in need.

People like Chantal, herself damaged by human neglect and abuse, living on the streets. She saw the parallels between our homeless dogs and her own life, understanding the need for physical and mental health care, seeing dogs recover and go into forever homes helped her to be motivated, re-joining main stream society.

Some in our society struggle to cope, young people like Joel have been let down by our education system, our dogs have helped him to learn in a contextual way, hands on experience with dogs have helped him to understand why we are all individuals and by having the correct support we can thrive.

Dogs Like Rio, orphaned and born in our centre, give back far more than you would imagine. Adam is a child with complex needs, not only does Rio give physical help and guidance but he is an emotional support dog for Adam.

Dogs are fantastic, having been damaged themselves by people and whilst themselves in care go out and do wonderful things, dogs like Salvi was in two local schools working with children who are struggling with reading. Demand for our bark and read scheme out striping our ability to deliver, so much so, that we have applied for a grant to purchase a van to get the dogs out of the centre more.

We are making changes that matter, not just to dogs but to people and it’s not just locally, we are on the national stage helping other dog rescues to do what we do. Out work has been recognised as innovative and cutting edge by Prince William in 2017, this year we are the Animal Charity Team of the year.

But none of this is achievable without our supporters, eighty-four volunteers who give up their time to work with the dogs, go out on collections, fundraise and do all sorts of daft and fun things to help the dogs.

Our friends who financially support us with one off gifts, regular monthly donations and those that leave us money in their wills.

People who take on personal challenges, jump out of airplanes to skydive, those that are Abseiling down Liverpool Cathedral, those who cycle, run, climb, jump or just even walk help to raise much needed funds.

None of this could be achievable without each dog upon arrival being given an emergency health pack to start them on the road to recovery. These health packs contain.... a comfy bed, nutritious food, a bowl to be fed out of, protection from disease, freedom from worms and flea's, to be able to be taken for a walk with a collar and lead. Every day a new dog in need arrives into our care, taking £110 of financial resources within the first sixty minutes, 

Without this health pack, we would not be able to save a dog every day, help people like Chantal, Youngsters like Joel, Children like Adam and many would not be able to read this post. Merseyside Dogs Home – more than just a dog’s home!

Can you help us to make a difference?

On average over the last five years, for every £1 you give us, we spent 85p to benefit our dogs and our cause, we used the remaining 15p to raise the next £1