Abandoned dogs need you

small_Shi Tzu.pngStray, lost and abandoned dogs from across Merseyside arrive with us each day needing your help.

Some are lucky and find new homes within six weeks but many need that special care and attention after thier ordeal of being lost and abandoned. We estimate that nearly all dogs arriving have not received annual busters for diseases such as distemper and parvovirus, inoculation them and preventing disease is the first then we do when a new dog arrives. We help with physical injuries, broken limbs, teeth and ligaments. When they are physically fit they then need phycological help, nurturing their trust back in humans, building confidence to experience new environments.

Dogs are very forgiving and love to be with people even though they have been let down.

They need your help, donating £1 a week can protect abused dogs, who have been dumped, cold, hungry and often in agony.