Pennies from Heaven

small_Penny 1.JPG Penny who had been with us just under two weeks gave birth to five puppies.

On the same day a cheque arrived from Riverview Law donating funds, these funds were used to support her and her young ones, helping to pay towards, food, blankets and vet fees. Your support makes all the difference.

Good Citizen Dog

medium_GCD1.jpgLook who are clever dogs - Bone Idol and Sasha being put through their paces by Tina of the Animal Behaviour Centre.

Idol got his bronze award with Vanesa and Sasha achieved silver award with Poppy.

Both dogs are looking for forever homes.

Pets as Therapy..

medium_White Chapel.JPGWe have commenced our work with the Whitechapel centre assisting in the rehabilitation of those in need, by using dogs as therapy. - through the WAVES of Hope scheme.

The Liverpool Based Whitechapel centre is a leading charity working with the homeless and housing needs.