Fun in the Park

What another fresh and lovely morning, we had twelve dogs out for a stroll in Calderstones park.

Thank you to the fourteen volunteers that helped out to give the dogs some exercise, for them to experience new and different smells. We also met lots of friends, new and old that were very encouraging and gave lots of fuss to the dogs.

These are important events for the socialisation and rehabilitation of the dogs, thanks to all involved.

New Behaviour Contracts Introduced

From the 20th October 2014, there are tighter controls on dog ownership. Dog wardens and police officers are able to impose conditions on dogs that create a nuisance in the community.

Authorised officers can instruct dog owners to do something, such as attending training classes or keeping a dog on a lead. Or ask them do stop doing something, like stop using a certain park to exercise a dog.

This is a new drive by Government for early intervention with dog control to prevent escalation that results in dog attacks.

Dogs getting caught up in Ebola concerns

Panic is emerging regarding Excalibur, the dog euthanised by court order last week in Spain because his owner, a nurse, is infected with the Ebola virus. Authorities feared the dog could spread the virus, despite the fact that neither Excalibur nor any other companion animal in the world exhibit signs of infection or the ability to transmit it.

Now, the dog that belongs to a Texas nurse who helped treat the Dallas man who died of Ebola has been quarantined, for the same fears that led to the death of Excalibur: The dog could get and spread the deadly disease.