small_Pup.jpgYou think it would have stopped.

The first abandoned Christmas puppy was brought into the home by Knowsley Council Dog Wardens at 13:10 today. Collected from Simonswood from the finder who picked her up lost and shivering in the cold.

Paul Dunne the centre manager said the she has not been microchipped and that has been an offence since April this year, especially breeders selling pups with no chip. This means that not only can we not trace the owner but the breeder.

Over run already!

small_3 Tiny.jpgWe have already begun to become over run with pups and young dogs with ten dogs under a year old found by the dog wardens and brought to the center in the days before Christmas.

Paul Dunne Manager at the center said "its disappointing that in the days leading up to Christmas we had ten dogs all under a year old abandoned onto the streets of Merseyside".

Christmas has started early!

small_Rudolph.jpgRudolph the Beg Nose Reindeer and Christmutts Tree are the first of many puppies we will see abandoned this festive period.

Arived with us on the 16th of December, at only four months old, lost and confused, they will most likely spend Christmas with us at the dogs home. We would discourage anyone from buying a puppy as a present as we see a rise in puppies this time of year that have become unwanted.