Open Paw Volunteers

Open Paw is a program that enriches and trains dogs addressing the unwanted dog problem in a whole new way, turning our center into a community education center.

Every dog learns basic manners and be house trained, chew-toy trained, and socialised to people and other animals. A learning center for the human community, a pleasant, friendly, place for people to go to see basic training and behavior modeled in the daily routines of the shelter.

So many animals are abandoned simply because their owners don’t know what to expect when they get a companion animal. Consequently, they are unprepared to teach their pet where to toilet, what to chew, claw and scratch, and when to vocalise, etc. For example, people are not mad at the dog for peeing, they’re mad because the dog peed on the carpet! With our innovative pet-and-people education program, we hope to help make every dogs first home their happily-ever-after home.

We need volunteers to help socialise and train dogs to the four levels of basic training addressing the socialisation, environmental enrichment, and behaviour of our dogs. making dogs more comfortable, calmer, and friendlier in their kennels, and well-behaved outside their kennels on walks or in the family room. This is a crucial step toward making the dogs more adoptable, and giving them the skills they need to stay happily in their adopted homes.

Training is provided, volunteers are expected to spend around eight hours a week at the home, helping to socialise the dogs to the Open Paw Program.

Please apply by emailing