What we do


What they do
We take lost and abandoned dogs through a journey of recovery, they arrive unloved, often physically and mentally ill, emotionally insecure and stressed. We rehabilitate them, securing them happy endings in new and forever homes. It is amazing, is that during their recovery process, dogs give back in return unconditional love to children, adults and the elderly through our Superdog programme.

During their stay with us, we carefully select dogs in rehabilitation, to visit selected schools and tell their story. Children become less stressed, less self-conscious and more confident with the dogs around, as they are non-judgemental. 

Dog interaction and relaxation in a classroom setting for children with needs, helps to develop their key skills, increases good behavior and gives a positive learning experiences.

Our work is mostly through referral, Homeless charities, the NHS, GP’s refer people to us who currently have complex needs. These individuals join us on a structured and accredited programme, they learn how dogs (and humans) cope emotionally at being abandoned, what is needed for recovery, physically, mentally and how handling stress is important.

Our innovative approach places abandoned dogs into new homes on an average thirty-day recovery programme with us. Participating adults see the principles applied and the progress made.

Participants often draw parallels with their own life and current circumstances, taking learning and transposing it to improvements they can personally make, also achieving a happy outcomes. They leave us with personal development skills and three nationally recognised learning credits that will bode them well to participating in volunteering roles and gaining employment.

Our dog’s stories are told in communal area settings in care homes and hospitals, enriching and improving the quality of life, providing affection, comfort and love to people.