Things we need..

medium_Hot Dog sausages.jpgTinned hot dog sausages! Why...

...because our dogs love them an they are great to administer medication with.

medium_Pedigree.jpgChunks in Gravy, any make but preferably not solid food in a tin.

A variety is good such as chicken, rabbit, beef..

Any size tin is good.

medium_chappie.jpgComplete dog food, preferably Chappie but a variety is good. Ideally without cheap additives or colouring.

If its good quality it does not matter if its out of date.
The bigger the bag the better

medium_oldtowels.jpgOld towels, blankets, sheets are all good for bedding.

Anything that will provide comfort and warm at night.

medium_roast bones.jpgTreats

Ideally natural ones such as small roast bones, pigs ears etc.. anything is good but preferably not biscuits with colouring.

medium_toys.jpgToys, Ideally with a hard finish and not soft fabric.